Pension Institutions

Demonstration Center of Medical Care

      Hainan Medical Care Demonstration Center is located in Sanya, focusing on building medical and nursing home, building a modern medical-care combined demonstration site with functions of health examination, grass-roots medical treatment, long-distance consultation, green medical treatment channel, rehabilitation and health preservation, home-based pension and so on.

      The demonstration center, in terms of medical treatment, will build the demonstration medical area and provide medical services such as health examination, routine treatment, physiotherapy of traditional Chinese medicine , remote consultation , rehabilitation nursing. In that respect of old-age pension, a demonstration pension area will be built to provide health service such as follow-up monitoring, diet therapy, health care, rehabilitation guidance and day care, home-based pension care and semi-disability management.

Science and Technology Intelligent Pension Community

      The healthy old-age pension community shares various professional detection equipment of the health-preserving Valley traditional Chinese medicine Health-care District, aiming at living characteristics of the old people, and provides customized services by means of intelligent management, on the basis of the accessibility design, it focuses on improving design of life convenience and health and safety, optimizing user experience, creating high-end pension services with four themes, namely, health management, wisdom community, comfortable life, interest culture.