Overseas Medical


      In the part of assisted reproductive, has already signed a international referral cooperation agreement with HRC Fertility 

      HRC’s state-of-the-art embryology laboratory was built in 1988. The first child born as a result of IVF cycles following PGD (genetic gene diagnosis)  was succeeded there, which meant the world medicine was entering the new generation .The HRC IVF treatment program’s long and very successful history cements HRC one of the top fertility clinics in the nation. PGD may be used to screen eggs and/or embryos and find out hundreds of genetic diseases ,make sure the quality of the embryo and improve the success rate of implantation.

      In addition to the advanced technology and the senior international experts, the human services and the intimate treatment environment is also an advantage of our high point overseas medical care. Every patient can enjoy customized treatment, expert follow-up treatment, one-on-one medical assistant service throughout the course. The doses will be strictly controlled, appropriate medical will be carried out, medical quality and safety will be guaranteed.

IVF process

step 1
step 2
Submit physical examination report
step 3
Preliminary plan confirmation
step 4
Domestic signing of contracts
step 5
Get visa
step 6
Make video consultation
step 7
Arrange a trip to the United States
step 8
Make an appointment to doctor
step 9
start IVF cycle
step 10
Transfer embryo
step 11
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