Overseas Medical


      Why many people choose delivery in us? Because a baby born in US will be  American citizen unconditionally. Also getting right as below:

      No.1 、US civil social welfare:

      American citizens have American social security cards, social benefits, medical and pension insurance, receiving pensions and living in quality apartments at low prices.

      No.2 、US citizen education:

      You can receive 13-year compulsory education. Graduate tuition is only about 10% of foreign students’. You can apply for the United States citizen’ unique scholarship and student loan with 1% interest, you can live in China without any conditions. You can have double status and receive nine-year compulsory education in China. You can also get all kinds of preferential conditions as an overseas student while in college.

     No.3、US excellent career :

      You can be given priority to the US government, important public positions, military defense diplomacy, high-tech core laboratories and other jobs.

      No.4、US security :

      You can get visa-free entry and preferential entry policies of more than 180 countries, and get the preferential right to fly out of the country under the protection of the us government in case of political instability in other countries.

      No.5、Unconditional immigration of relatives:

      For families eager to immigrate, as soon as the baby starts school, parents can apply to immigrate to the United States as a guardian, without other reasons or too many restrictions, at almost zero cost. After the child reaches the age of 21, he can directly apply for the immigration of parents and enjoy the United States pension benefits.


      Children are the treasure of their parents. In order to give them the best and make them happy in life, we will make many choices for them, sometimes we need to let them make the choice.

Process of delivery in US

step 1
Sign contract /choose plan
step 2
Fly to US
step 3
step 4
Baby certificate processing
step 5
Assist Visa processing
step 6
Check in and start antenatal care
step 7
Maternity care
step 8
Back to China